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Renascence School International helps prepare students for the new global workplace with strong academics, creativity training, and proficiency in world languages.

National recognition
In the spring of 2009, the Renascence School International Campus in Panama City received national recognition for the quality of its program.

Admission to top universities
Top universities want unique students who are academically prepared for the rigors for university academics and are driven to make a contribution to society. RSI Online provides courses and opportunities that help students meet the requirements of top universities. Some of the things top universities note:

• ability to solve problems in creative and innovative ways
• leadership skills
• math and science abilities that match top international levels
• service to the community
• interaction outside of peer groups
• bi-or trilingual (reading, writing, speaking) in world languages
• appreciation of the cultures where the languages are spoken
• fully bilingual in math and science
• assignments offering experience with researchers and employers on projects
• art and athletic skill
• international study and/or leadership
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High quality employment
RSI Online offers courses that allow students to build the skills 21st Century employers want:
• creativity across disciplines
• curiosity
• strong world language skills and cultural awareness
• outstanding math skills
• exceptional science skills
• outstanding communication abilities
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Creativity and problem solving
RSI, has a creativity (innovation) curriculum that helps students learn to think outside the box and combine knowledge from the arts with science and math.
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Highly qualified teachers
All RSI Online teachers are carefully selected for subject matter knowledge and teaching ability.

World languages
RSI provides English, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish language arts (reading, writing, speaking) courses.
In addition, students have the option to take math and science in Mandarin Chinese or English.
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